Logistics Analyst

Cheektowga, NY

Job Summary

The Logistics Analyst will enhance workflow by analyzing and developing plans that affect Production, Distribution, Inventory, and the overall Supply Chain.  Help review, identify, create, and recommend procedures / processes for distribution and inventory management throughout our network to find methods to improve efficiencies, reduce cost, and achieve or exceed our customers service expectations.  In addition, effectively support the daily Logistics operations. 

Job Duties

  • Ongoing analyses of transportation cost, DC network optimization, cost to serve, and delivery processes. Retrieve and analyze data for freight lanes, rates, volume, orders, average order sizes, customers, DC’s, and search for consolidation opportunities.
  • Interpret data regarding Logistics availability, reliability, trends, and benchmarking.  Help analyze the current and future market for capacity. Review trends for better forecasting, scorecard our service providers performance and help compare pricing through benchmarking process. 
  • Help analyze internal and/or external warehouse activity such as warehouse turns, volume, case selection, dynamic order selection, labor tracking, damage, pallets, etc.      
  • Maintain our database of Logistics information and compliance; Retrieve, file and update Carrier & DC contacts, services, agreements, sailing schedules & rates. 
  • Support BRC requirements; Retrieve, file Audit reports, insurance docs, and Transportation compliance agreements.  Keep all documents up to date for all carriers and DC’s.
  • Customer compliance: help analyze, communicate, and monitor scorecards, on-time performance, order fill rates, pallet quality, detention/late fees, documentation requirements, Temp tale requirements, etc.
  •  OS&D’s, and freight deductions; retrieve supporting documentation and details from DC’s /carriers to help debate non-legitimate claims.  Will request POD’s, Load sheets, appointment info, exit passes, emails, pictures, etc.)
  • Process International export documentation, research and maintain compliance; Work with QA, Technical Services, USDA, utilize the FSIS web site. Process all government forms to meet compliance for each country.
  • Help prepare and support Logistics performance metrics.  Retrieve, Analyze and provide monthly data for our case fill, order fill, and all other supporting areas.