Demand Planner

Cheektowaga, NY

The individual will be responsible for planning/scheduling production and monitoring Finished Goods inventory levels.

  1. Based on finished goods inventory, the product forecast system and customer orders will be responsible for developing and distributing the daily and weekly production schedules for the operation/facility assigned.


2. Will be extremely familiar with the Company’s manufacturing capabilities and products. Shall understand production capabilities, run rates and plant scheduling. Will utilize this knowledge in formulating production plans and schedules.


3.Working actively with the Supervisor and the Supply Chain Team will participate in longer range planning activities. Will develop an anticipated production schedule for the Facility/Operation which will become firmer as the production dates approach.


4. Will actively utilize the Focus Forecast system. Will generate and analyze weekly and monthly reporting. Will make recommendations, as appropriate to anticipate customer orders and production planning in light of production capabilities and customer ship dates.

5. Will actively evaluate and monitor inventory levels of raw materials and finished goods in light of the anticipated sales demand. Will coordinate production plans and material requirements with both the Supply Planning and Procurement functions.

6. Will work closely with the Operations Staff in coordinating production plans with manufacturing. Will anticipate and coordinate production planning to best utilize staff and operational capabilities.

7. Responsible to actively manage co-pack inventory levels and place orders as needed. Will coordinate deliveries to ensure that customer orders are appropriately filled.

8. Will coordinate activities with the Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics departments to ensure that customer orders are properly assembled and shipments meet delivery requirements.